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A range of exceptional wines

Generous and shimmering

Côtes du Rhône

Facing Avignon, on the right bank of the Rhone, dominated by the Mediterranean climate, the vineyard is very sunny thanks to the mistral wind-king. On limestone soils, where lie the rounded stone, into microclimates, live diverse grape varieties that allow many blends from which arise a range of distinctive wines. The river-king, the wind-king sung by poets, Mediterranean sun, the know-how of the winemakers create a generous wine, shimmering, with a rich bouquet of aromas.

Cuvée Luc Pélaquié

The wines "Luc Pélaquié" come from the oldest vines of our vineyard. The plot selection, low yields and a specific aging ensure quality and authenticity of these. The wine is aged in oak barrels of 500 liters of 3 wines (on fine lees in the case of Lirac Blanc). Finally, they have a longer keeping time. Atypical and bold wines that combine the best of traditional knowledge and expression of our old vines.


Present since Roman times, the vineyard of Laudun, covering three villages,  Laudun, Saint Victor la Coste and Tresques, were famous in the 17th century. The vines spill from rocky slopes onto the picturesque river plains in between the villages.


The Lirac vineyard spread over four different towns - not only Lirac itself, but also Saint Laurent des Arbres, Roquemaure and Saint Geniès de Comolas. For over 2000 years, grape vines have been planted in the rocky soil here, producing strongly flavored wines.


Tavel has two original features: the vineyard is located only in the communce of Tavel, and it's producing only Rosé wine. The terroir is located on a plateau where the stumps plant their roots into soils filled with round river-rolled rocks, washed with sun and wind.